- - KAPA

  • Kapa’s talent is about putting his subject supremely at ease to capture that perfect, natural portrait. His innate sense of fun, humour and curiosity for people means his portraits reveal the beauty and depth of the sitter’s unique character.

  • Whether a brand’s style is raw and earthy or premium and polished, Kapa has the approach to fit. With his strong technical skills and ability to interpret a brief, he’ll create a set of images that are stylistically ownable, flexible for use, and bring a brand identity to life in every frame.

  • Dawn or dusk, heat hazed deserts or snow capped crags, a Kapa landscape takes you right there. His understanding of light in all its varieties reveal the stark angles of modern architecture or the unfolding petals of a rose on a table-top beautifully.

  • Fashion is a fickle mistress: demure one day, flashy the next. Constant reinvention is a perfect fit for Kapa and his fervor for all things new. Whether you're after ultra modern, uber chic or just beautifully iconic, Kapa has just the right mix of passion, focus and fun to keep you cutting edge.